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Zatoichi on IFC

"I love the Zatoichi films and the character more than any other comparable series or character in the history of genre cinema" (Boston's Weekly Dig)

The Life and Opinion of Masseur Ichi

"The first and one of the best films in this long-running series, The Life and Opinion of Masseur Ichi is must viewing for fans of samurai cinema, Japanese cinema or action films in general..." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Capsule reviews of Ringu, Metoroporisu, Audition and Battle Royale


"Quick on setup and heavy on Tokyo demolishing eye candy, this three-parter (each runs about 60 minutes) is definitely a worthwhile rental..." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

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X (Japan)

"Most of the film- and when I say most of the film, I mean about 75% of the entire running length; is super-powered, Tokyo destroying, energy bolt blasting insanity." (Boston's Weekly Dig)


"Based on Shakespeare's King Lear, Ran is a strong candidate for the lofty title of Kurosawa's best work. That, in turn, means it's also got a strong claim for being one of the greatest movies ever made, but that's just my own pro-Kurosawa bias shining through. At once grandly epic and intensely personal, Ran is a rich, beautiful, cinematic experience..." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

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Adrenaline Drive

"Well, aside from the fact that I can't figure out if the name is supposed to be serious (in which case it's misleading) or a joke (in which case it's as deadpan as the rest of the jokes in this film), I'd have to say I liked this movie. It's dryly funny, clever and held my interest for it's whole run." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Zatoichi the Outlaw

"I'd have to say Zatoichi is my favorite out of all the sword wielding badasses that graced Japanese screens in the 60s/ early 70s. Considering my affection for that particular period, that's saying something."

Samurai Assassin

"Skillfully paced, complex and blessed with a classic 60s splatter Chanbara finale, Samurai Assassin is a great introduction to the bloody and mesmerizing style of swordplay pictures that popped up in Japan during the 60s.