Rob Larsen

Independent and Foreign Movies

Korean Films

Gwoemul / The Host

Imagine, if you will, Wes Anderson and Ridley Scott getting together to make a monster movie. That's the Host.

French Cinema

District B13

"This Luc Besson produced, Parkour based actioner is a real kick in the ass."

Du rififi chez les hommes

image, du rififi chez les hommes

"If Quentin Tarantino were going to choose the one film from cinema history that he wished he'd done, I'd be willing to wager Rififi would be on his short list..."

Capsule Reviews

Capsule Reviews of Solaris, Thesis and Sholay

A page of capsule reviews featuring Indochine, Andre Rublev, With a Friend Like Harry and City of Lost Children

Capsule reviews of Amelie, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, and Get Carter (the original)

Italian Cinema

Malena Review and Guiseppe Tornatore interview

"Monica Bellucci is a stunningly beautiful woman. I happen to fancy stunningly beautiful women. Since the plot of the film calls for her to be the object of a young boy's longing, I figured I had a winner. I mean, if there was ever a reason for some heavy duty longing, she is obviously it..." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

image, amelie

The Evil Clutch

"Back then however, I was just a freshly scrubbed film geek, still wet behind the ears and totally unaware of the inherent danger of sitting down to a movie that features both 'Horror' and 'Italian' in the description." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Chinese Cinema

Shadow Magic Review

"Okay, so I'm both a sucker for movies about how wonderful cinema can be (yes, Cinema Paradiso makes me feel all mushy) and a pretty heavy duty consumer of Chinese/Hong Kong films. Does that mean I can't be objective about this film about the birth of cinema in China?" (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Local Flavor


"Unlike some university film programs where you may spend more time watching Un Chien Andalou than actually learning skills that will help you actually make a movie" (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Spanish Film

Open Your Eyes

"This is a damn fine movie. Engrossing, clever and finely hammered out, Open Your Eyes is a serious piece of cinema from young Spanish director Alejandro Amenábar." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

image, clive own croupier

English Movies


"Well, here's one you've simply got to see. As good a movie as I've seen in a long while." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Irish Movies


"I'm not really sure what to say about this film. I found it interesting, to be sure, but I can't escape the feeling that I'm missing some key elements in regards to the subject matter. That bugs me." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

The Butcher Boy Review

"I don't know if this says anything about me, but I love this movie..." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Indy Cinema

Wild Style/Style Wars

"This is the writers quote machine. Like hockey players quote Slapshot, writers can quote this legendary PBS documentary." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Judy Berlin Review

"There were a few things about this movie put me on alert, but when all was said and done I definitely enjoyed myself. I just had something of a tough time getting there..." (Boston's Weekly Dig)