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Martial Arts, Heroic Bloodshed and Much, Much More.

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One Nite in Mongkok Review

"I went into this viewing knowing pretty much nothing about this film. Coming out the other side, I'm happy to report that One Nite in Mongkok is a pretty successful cops and triads drama."

Iron Monkey Review/ Donnie Yen Interview (Boston's Weekly Dig)

In The Mood For Love

" If you had to choose one filmmaker working in Hong Kong today that has the requisite critical stroke to win the Academy Award® for best foreign film, Wong Kar-Wai would be the guy..." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Swordmasters of Hong Kong

Reviews of New Legend of Shaolin, Swordsman 2, Ashes of Time and Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Michelle Yeoh Article

Features reviews of Wing Chun, Holy Weapon, Butterfly and Sword and Heroic Trio (Boston's Weekly Dig)

My Review of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Legend of the Drunken Master (Drunken Master 2)

"I can say the following with a certainty that would surprise most of you (except for you folks that know me from Shovel): this film contains the greatest fight scenes ever captured on film..." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Turn Me Loose

I got to write about whatever I felt like for one week with the Dig and I came up with this, it's sort of like a mini Shovel article. Films covered are : Beast Cops, Thundering Mantis and The Blade. (Boston's Weekly Dig)

Fist of Legend

"Hey folks, one of the best martial arts movies ever made is now readily available for rental. I'd say that's pretty sweet especially considering the difficulties this film has experienced on it's way onto Blockbuster's shelves..." (Boston's Weekly Dig)

City on Fire: The Hong Kong Films of Chow Yun-Fat

Features a ton of capsule reviews: A Better Tomorrow I-III, City on Fire, Hard Boiled, God of Gamblers, God of Gamblers Return, Once a Thief,The Killer, Full Contact and Wild Search. (Boston's Weekly Dig)

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Romeo Must Die Preview and a Review (Shovel Magazine)

A second interview with Donnie Yen (Shovel Magazine)

Zombies Ate My Brain

Features a healthy dose of humor, some stuff about Donnie Yen and two capsule reviews: Hero and Saviour of Soul (Shovel Magazine)

Keep Your Pants On!

Features capsule reviews of Ballistic Kiss, Hitman, The Master and Five Element Ninja (Shovel Magazine)


Features some editorializing about New Line's remake of Full Contact and capsule reviews of Fists of the White Lotus, Tiger on Beat, Mismatched Couples, City of Darkness and 8 Diagram Pole Fighter. (Shovel Magazine)

Caught in the Middle of a Five Way Mix

Features a healthy dose of humor and capsule reviews of City Hunter, Shaolin Temple vs. Llama,Wing Chun, Master of Disaster (which is really New Kids in Town) and Magnificent Warriors. (Shovel Magazine)

A Sloppy chunk of My Skull

Features a bit about The Phantom Menace, a vague review of Dragon Inn and some old ramblings on Romeo Must Die. (Shovel Magazine)

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What is the Matrix? Yuen Wo-Ping, You Silly Goat

Features short bio on Yuen Wo-Ping, some of my thoughts on The Matrix and capsule reviews galore: Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, Iron Monkey, Drunken Tai Chi, The Magnificent Butcher, Tai Chi II, and The Tai Chi Master. (Shovel Magazine)

Cooking Crazy Kung Fu Gumbo

Features some bitching and moaning about my life, a capsule review of Shaolin Temple III and some more bitching and moaning. (Shovel Magazine)

My Interview with Donnie Yen

A long interview with Donnie Yen from January of 1999. (Shovel Magazine)

If Life Were Only Like the Eagle Shooting Heroes

Features a random smattering of stuff: pre-Arsenio Martial Law, Billy Chow, The Lucky Stars series and Who Am I. (Shovel Magazine)

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Capsule Reviews Are Good Clean Fun

A veritable cavalcade of capsule reviews: The Storm Riders, Enter the Fat Dragon, 36th Chamber of Shaolin (the Crash cinema Widescreen release), Crippled Avengers and Shaolin and Wutang. (Shovel Magazine)

"Ringo Lam tells John Woo, 'HAHAHA, my kung fu is more powerful than yours'"

Features lengthier reviews of John Woo's Last Hurrah for Chivalry and Ringo Lam's Burning Paradise. (Shovel Magazine)

Rob Larsen for the Defense (of Wire- Fu that is)

One of my personal favorites. This article mixes Clarence Darrow, the Scopes Monkey Trial, a pun, a healthy dose of humor and my love of Wire-fu together into what I feel is a successful piece. (Shovel Magazine)

Waiting For Tak

A short play that doubles as a bunch of capsule reviews. Dragons Forever, Iron Monkey,The Eagle Shooting Heroes (the greatest movie ever made), Peace Hotel, City on Fire, A Better Tomorrow II and Wild Search. Very cheeky. (Shovel Magazine)

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Kung Fu Movie Reviews; Various and Sundry

Capsule reviews: Invincible Armour, Kickboxers Tears, Crazy Shaolin Disciples, Shaolin Drunken Monk, Once Upon a Time in China V,The Chinese Feast, Blade of Fury,Millionaire's Express and Crystal Hunt. (Shovel Magazine)

It's 1978 and Three Directors Whip the Donkey's Ass

The earliest article in the archive. Reviews of 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Five Deadly Venoms and Drunken Master. (Shovel Magazine)

Jet Li

Second oldest article in this archive. Plenty of capsule reviews. (Shovel Magazine)

A Review of Herman Yau Lai-To's Gruesome The Untold Story

"Disturbing. If any of the following would make you ill, please avoid this film..."

Wai Ka-Fai's Too Many Ways to be No. 1

"After a good six months of watching nothing newer from Hong Kong than 1995's Peace Hotel, I've recently begun catching up on the stuff that's come out in the past couple of years... "

Sammo Hung's Pedicab Driver

Ringo Lam's Prison on Fire

"Well, let's see... Ringo Lam directs Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung Ka Fai (who is apparently in every HK movie I've seen recently) in your basic 'newbie prisoner under the wing of a more experienced con' story..."

Donnie Yen's Legend of the Wolf

"First off, and most importantly, I enjoyed this film. Donnie Yen isn't Tsui Hark, but he is a director with some creativity, a desire to experiment and a nice (if sometimes overwrought) visual style..."